Moonwind Club Information

Windows on the World Marquee Filmore The Landing White Horse Tavern
Windows on the World was a venue on the top floor of the World Trade Center. When destroyed in the attacks of 9/11, the staff was serving breakfast. All 72 staff members perished. This venue pays tribute to these individuals and all the others who died. LONDON. The Marquee Club’s place in rock history was assured on July 12, 1962, when an upstart band called The Rolling Stones took the stage for their first public performance. From the 60's to the 80's, all the great rock bands graced this stage. No venue had a greater impact on ’60s counterculture than the original Fillmore. A focal point for the psychedelic movement, the venue achieved notoriety not just for the musicians but also for light-shows, and its famous poster collection. The Landing, established in 1963, is a San Antonio institution and is one of the oldest jazz clubs in the U.S. Since the beginning, Jim Cullum and his merry band of jazzers have entertained those who visit the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk in search of the hottest jazz west of New Orleans! Past visitors to the club, who also sat in with the band, include such jazz legends as Benny Goodman and Earl "Fatha" Hines! The White Horse Tavern in San Antonio, Tx was operated by the grandfather of SL's Wallace Locke. It was a meeting place for the Mexican outlaw Poncho Villa and his girlfriend. A RL picture is in the club.